Thursday, May 12, 2022

Our Cancun trip @Excellence playa mujeres

It has been too long to write about our trip but this felt right writing about it when I am on the plane for another trip. Its not late- it was just THE last flight I took, may be just few weeks ago.

The year was ending with a complain of boredom, not doing things for us, not using the opportunity of being empty nester’s and the year ended with an all inclusive resort vacation in Cancun.

I didn’t work too much, someone just handed over the idea and plan and I just followed it. less than two weeks and we were in Cancun.

The resort was much more than I thought and for the first time in my life I was NOT doing things in my vacation. I just stayed in, ate a lot, drank plenty, spent time with Mr. Husband, watched sunrises, sat by the ocean, went in the water and repeated the same the next day and days after. It was a change, the kind of vacation he loved and I also enjoyed.

We have been away without kids few times in last few years but this was totally different. It took away the stress of finding a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner or things to do. We could stay in the room, it was big and beautiful with a balcony facing pool and ocean in sight. A bed and table and chairs in the balcony too. I did come out in the wee hours of morning and slept on that bed.

I have written plenty of saree stories detailing our stay, This is about the things I did and would have done differently.

Things I would have carried from home

A yeti cup for drinks and straws ( plastic free resort) nail paint and polish remover. 

I am glad I took sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and flipflop. It was hot but not humid.

The food manager became my friend and to go person for meal planning second day onwards, He laid out the best plan and I could eat. 

I ate a tiny breakfast ( boiled eggs, fresh OJ and Gauva) room service at 6.30 AM. There was a window next to the door to a cabinet, they will leave the breakfast there and we could get it from inside. 

Then I will go to Sunrise walk and come to the cafe for breakfast at 8.30 or so. Lunch at noon and dinner at 6 PM when all the restaurants open and then dessert in another place at 9 PM onwards. It worked out well for my heart and soul not sure about my body. 4-5 meal a day can do wonder. I am glad it wasn’t a very long vacation.

we stayed in Excellence playa mujeres